Asteroids Arcade Video Game


Condition:  New

Lead Time:  Expect delivery 6-8 weeks

Asteroids Arcade Video Game For Sale

This is a Restored Asteroids Arcade Video Game, Not to be confused with a repaired, refurbished, shopped, shopped-out or used Asteroids Arcade Game for sale. This game has been restored from head to toe. The cabinet has been sanded, painted, and new sideart installed. The Marquee Light, Starter and Marquee (Sign at the top of the game that says Asteroids) has been replaced. The Monitor Plexi has also been replaced along with the Rock bezel (the graphic of rocks around the monitor). Asteroids Control panel overlay (the graphic around the buttons) has also been replaced. Asteroids start button bezel’s have also been replaced along with upgraded new style arcade buttons so you will have more control and better reliabilty of the movment and fire buttons over the older 80 style arcade buttons. New Asteroids Door lock and coin mechs. The Coin Door and Control panel have been powder coated and rebuilt. The Power supply and transformer have been overhauled and upgraded for longer life. The Asteroids main computer (also called the mother board or PCB) have been upgraded for longer life. We have addressed all heat problems caused by old age in games like this, fixing and/or replacing connectors, solder joints, broken wires and other problems that cause heat and lead to more problems in older games. The Asteroids cabinet T-Molding and Cabinet Feet (leg levelers) have also been replaced. Last but not least, The Asteroids Monitor has also been removed serviced and restored to its orignal 80’s luster and reinstalled. buy pinball machines in australia

As you can see no expense or time was spared in Restoring this Asteroids arcade game. So if you looking for a cheaper, worn out Asteroids game for your game room this is not for you. We have a lot time and money in this machine and it shows in every way. This is an Asteroids you can put in the nicest of game room’s and be proud of it.

The original version of the game had a feature that allowed the player to hide their ship in the score field indefinitely without being hit by flying asteroids.

Game Play

The most famous play tactic for Asteroids is the “hunting” strategy. The player destroys all asteroids except for one that almost clears the playfield and makes it relatively safe. This allows the player to hunt for alien saucers without worrying about being smashed by a lot of flying debris.

This Asteroids Arcade Video game also comes with One Year Limited Warranty See Details below.

Asteroids Arcade Video Game Features:

  • New Style Arcade Buttons
  • Complete Restoration
  • Arcade Manual
  • One Year Limited Warranty
  • 350 lbs
  • 28” wide, 32” Deep, 72” High
  • Shipping on 1 pallet

One Year Limited Warranty

Our One Year Limited Warranty, covers telephone diagnosis and repair, Including Shipping of the replacement Parts for one year

Commercial/business, coin operated or free play use of this product limits your Warranty to 90 Days

The 1 Year Limited Warranty use of the product is for home use only and does not cover, Vandalism, Misuse or waring items like but not limited to joysticks, buttons, coin mechs, bill acceptors or guns. The Limited Warranty does not cover products repaired without authorization from us.

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